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Welcome everyone to BUG's blog. Once, at the beginning of every month, I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs out there for the world to see. Doing this blog gives me nervous butterflies, a slightly discomforting feeling but yet, one that feels positive and joyful. I am so pleased that you can join in and explore with me through the adventures of Wellness & Movement! For my first blog, I thought I would share why I chose BUG Wellness & Movement as my business's name. Let us start with the movement. From a baby to a child and up to now, my 33-year-old self, I have loved moving my body in different fun ways. In grade school, it was dance and sports, and in my free time, I would still be very active, engaging in any physical activity I could! Naturally, in my young adult years, I gravitated to working out. I loved doing home cardio kickboxing videos and going to the gym. When I was 19 years old, I took a free group exercise class at a local gym. After the class finished, I was approached by the instructor, asking me if I have ever thought of getting into the fitness industry. I guess she saw me smiling the whole time while maintaining excellent form and thought I would have a blast teaching classes, well you know what, she was right! I never looked back. I love the way our bodies move, all of the AMAZING things that can be performed by this piece of art. Exercise has been a part of my entire life. I feel blessed that movement has embedded my soul from such a young age. For most of my life, I have felt strong and capable. I feel the strength to try new things that take physical effort, like rock climbing, or learning how to handstand or walking a far distance on a beautiful day, whether it be around my beautiful city or out hiking out in the majestic forests and mountains. I feel the capability when doing day to day chores. I don't have to worry about my body not being able to perform in a way that serves me, and that serves others. This is not to say that I haven't worried about it. Due to my, sometimes, overactive lifestyle and ambitious attitude naturally, I ended up with a few injuries, which were all manageable up until I had a snowboarding accident when I was 25. Though I was very active, strong, and capable, I still had a lot to learn about overall health, which brings me to the wellness portion of BUG's name. I never really knew how to settle, how to calm me from the excitement of life, and how to relax my body. I always felt like I was vibrating at a high level, for which, now I know, couldn't last forever. After fracturing my sacrum (big butt bone above the tailbone) from the snowboarding accident, I slowed down to heal, just enough, so I could go back to the level of vibration I was at before. This obviously failed. Not too long after "I got back to normal," my back was letting me know that I needed to change the way I was living my life. I lived with a lot of discomfort and pain for a while, not knowing how to change a life experience I had come to love. My new and amazing job as a personal trainer had just taken flight, and I was still teaching group exercise. How was I to let go of that? Did I have to? The answer was yes. Yes, I did have to let go, for at least a little while. In 2013 I had an experience like no other. With a few of my good friends, together, we hiked the 53km long North Coast Trail (NCT) on Vancouver Island. Comfortably this hike can be done in 3-4 days. We decided to take our time and enjoy everything this multi-day hike could offer us. We did it in 8 days. I could tell a story about this hike, but that is for another time. Right now, for this blog, during this hike, something changed in me. I started to understand what slowing down meant. When I got home, my back felt amazing. Not too long after I got home and getting back to my normal way of being. I broke and had to find something to mend me. This is when I found yoga. I was introduced to yoga through its restorative practice. Physically I couldn't believe how GOOD my body felt! This was to become a journey beyond a journey. I was about to peel back layers to shed my thick skin. I didn't know that I was about to embark on an exploration of not only my body but of my mind and, most importantly, my spirit. The details of this story will have to be left for another blog, all I want to share now is how Wellness came into my life and how its meaning, to me, has changed over time. It went from the standpoint of always challenging myself physically and eating well to the challenge of committing myself to myself in all shapes and forms. I have learned to be kind to me. I have learned to rest A LOT. I have learned how to connect myself with others, and I have learned that we are all one. There is no me without you, and there is no you without me. All in all, I have learned (and continue to learn) how to love. Wellness goes beyond the health of our bodies and mind, Wellness to me, means to get in touch with spirit, which in return will create a healthy body and mind. I became a yoga teacher so that I could share my insights. I guide people into the permission it takes to let go and to be themselves in every moment as they breathe their way to Wellness, which can only be found inside. BUG has been many varying things within my adult life. My first big purchase was at 23 years of age, and yup, you guessed it, I bought myself a Beetle Convertible. Three years old with only 11 000 km on it! BAM! I seriously hit the jackpot with this car. I had the most wonderful six years adventuring and feeling the freedom that came with being able to go anywhere at any time without the dependability of someone else while feeling super cute and badass all at the same time. Can you guess the car's name? Yup, it was Bug. My second connection to BUG is when a boy who I really liked started calling me Bug. We were on a "date" at a beach in the beautiful British Columbia region, and I was so happy to be there and to be there with this man. When I am full of joy I play, I play a lot. I couldn't get myself out of the water, and when I did, I played in the sand. I finally came back and laid down next to him, he looked and me and said: "aren't you just a cute little firebug." I am still with this man today (yay), and he still calls me Bug. Whether or not you believe in spirit animals (I totally do, and this will also have to be another blog post one day), but the ladybug became one to me. This also explains why I chose the ladybug for my logo. Any time I would need reassurance and/or patience, a ladybug would always come to me and, most times, land on me right at the perfect time. After personal training at a gym for three years, I decided I wanted to open up my own fitness business and contract myself out; this was when BUG was formed. At the time, I called it BUG Fitness, and the acronym stood for Balance, Unique, Glow & Fun. As I was saying in the Wellness portion of this blog, I had to take a break from the way I was living. I had to challenge my beliefs, and that meant leaving everything, my career, my beloved partner, my friends, my family, and the city I grew up in. Not knowing if or when I would return, all I had was my faith that everything would always be OK. I traveled all around the USA and lived in Australia for a year while exploring the HUGE island and its neighboring countries (more on this another time) I decided I would return to Canada and restart my life in BC with the man that was so hard to leave in the first place. After a few jobs in my new city, the calling of Wellness & movement opened its doors for me again. At this time BUG got changed to Be Unique and Grow. My service and commitment to you are to help and guide you through movement, through meditations, and through life-changing wellness and nutrition talks. I am here in any way you need within your health and wellness goals and aspirations. I promise to challenge you but also to go a pace that gives you the space to Be Unique & Grow.

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