Meet Samantha

BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

Precison Nutrtition Certified

200hr Yoga Certified

BUG. Be Unique & Grow. My name is Samantha Waagenaar. I live to BE UNIQUE, to be myself, to put myself out there, to live through spirit not through ego & I live to GROW from my own individual experiences, so that I may learn to flow with the changes of life. I choose unconditional love within others, within myself. I have dedicated myself to the service of helping others through movement, breath and habit changing conversations to uncover their greatest potential. 

I help, support and encourage many people  to train to their own unique capabilities and become a better and healthier version of themselves. 

When I am not working, I love spending time with my partner in life, doing anything and everything that soothes our soul. I love hiking/long walks, I love dogs, though I don’t have one myself (one day!) and I love my family and friends. I am a simple girl who has done many exhilarating things in her life from hang gliding to travelling Europe, North America and Australia. I have always made the choice everyday to be joyful, grateful and full of love. It takes work….but, it’s worth it. 

My Vision

The Backbone of BUG 


Code of ethics/How I intend to interact with and treat each client:

Integrity-honesty and straightforwardness. 

Compassion-understanding and forgiving. 

Individuality-truth to self and shining the light on what makes each one of us unique and beautiful. 

Oneness/Empathy-we are all the same at the very deepest part of our soul. I see you, in the way I see myself. 


Mission Statement:  

BUG will provide the knowledge, guidance, support and the space needed to each individual to allow them to Be Unique & Grow, whatever that means for them. 


Philosophy & Values:

I create vision. I create action. I create presence & I honour, take responsibility for, and accept the decisions I make everyday.  Therefore, I pray to make decisions based on my values, which are Love & Peace, Faith & Courage. 


Personal Beliefs: 

There is a union between humans, animals, nature, this world and this universe. I believe that to create peace in this world we must exude peace and love onto ourselves and others. This must be our desire. In our own individual way we impact the world, for the world starts at home, within ourselves.  If we are unkind to ourselves, we are unkind to the world. I choose to impact the world in the only way that feels truthful to me and that is to help others achieve the same freedom by attaining freedom of their health, and of their bodies-mobility and strength. 

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Be Unique & Grow!

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